Backwoods Engine House

This narrow gauge engine house is the perfect backwoods engine house for any logging operation. It includes the interior framing, positionable doors and window sashes, and removeable roofs to allow for full interior detailing. Battens are included, and can be left off as shown in the photos. Of course, this kit is fully laser-cut.

Footprint - 61' x 35' over the shop addition. It is 60 scale feet deep on the inside. Work benches, ladder, sawhorses, and a few drums and details are included. The HOn3 version is a total revision of the one previously released by the original owner of Master Creations. This new version is easier to build and is large enough for most narrow gauge locos. The On3 version can be built using On30 track.

This kit is part of an entire collection of models making up the McCabe Lumber Company series.

#27450 - HOn3 - $ 69.95

#07450 - Sn3 - $ 99.95

#17450 - On3/30 - $ 119.95

Big enough for the E.B.T. 2-8-2!

Loco not included - but the kits are in stock.

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