O Scale Version

Anderson Pulpwood Yard

When the local boys cut down the small pine trees for pulpwood, they need a place to bring them for shipment to the pulp mills. Anderson came to the rescue by starting his pulpwood yard, and has made a good living off it over the years.

At the yard, small truck loads of pulpwood, small logs cut into about five foot lengths, are loaded onto pulpwood cars for shipment out to the mill. The logs are weighed on the scale to determine the payment due to the cutter. Stacks of pulpwood can be seen around the yard waiting for the arrival of the next empty wood rack - slang for the pulpwood car.

HO Scale Version

In the old days, as it still is at Anderson's, the wood was loaded by hand onto the cars. Later, machines that look like modified forklifts would grab the load off the small truck and transfer it to the car. Machines called Forwarders, self-propelled gadgets with claw-like grabbers, would unload the trucks and load the rail cars.

At the yard, the office is the priciple building. Behind it, stands the corrugated metal storage shed with interior framing where hand tools, chain saws, hammers, etc, are stored. At the Anderson Yard, there is a lean-to behind the office that protects a small work bench from the elements. Naturally, at this wood yard, junk and clutter is the norm.

The Anderson Pulpwood Yard kit includes the office, storage shed, truck scale, two wood racks, signage, and a bunch of detail castings. Laser-etched nail holes, self-adhesive shingles and window sashes, and tabbed construction are featured in this laser-created kit. And some raw materials for pulpwood is included! Office and Scale needs about a 38' square area. Shed is 16' x 18'.

	    Anderson Pulpwood Yard 

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