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Thompson & Davis Barge Co.

Not all details are shown on the preproduction car float.
Freight cars are not included.

There are times when rail traffic needs to cross a body of water, but the amount of traffic does not justify a bridge. The best option is a car float. Many railroads owned their own float and tug fleets. However, some smaller roads could not afford this expense, and simple rented the service when needed. This was the reason K. Thompson and J. Davis formed a company and started a barge service across the river.

Thompson and Davis purchased some second-hand car floats from the Canadian Pacific Railroad, and paid the local tug company to haul them from bank to bank. T&D built a couple of transfer bridges and leased an office building on the riverfront. Business grew until the coming of the Interstate Highway System.

The Thompson & Davis Barge Company kit #28110 includes the eight-car car float, a transfer bridge, and the company office. Additional car floats are available. All kits are laser-cut. The car float is based upon a CP prototype.

This project has been on hold due to our move from FL to WV, our acquisition and building of a new office complex, and a brain tumor. Ok, enough whining from us, time to get it done in 2014!

   #28110	Thompson & Davis Barge Company		HO	 TBA 
			Includes Car Float, Transfer Bridge, and Office

   #28111	Thompson & Davis Car Float		HO	 TBA 

   #28112	Thompson & Davis Freight Barge   	HO	 TBA 


   #18110	Thompson & Davis Barge Company		O	 TBA 
			Includes Car Float, Transfer Bridge, and Office

   #18111	Thompson & Davis Car Float		O	 TBA 

   #18112	Thompson & Davis Freight Barge   	O	 TBA 







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