Customer Comments
and Photos!

It is always great to hear comments about our products.
Below are some of the ones we have received....

"I am just about finish with the Slatyfork Sawmill , HO scale and want to say how much I have enjoyed building it, everything about the kit worked out and looks really good, thanks for the excellent kit you produced." - Richard Hitzemann, Milwaukie, Oregon

"I so much enjoyed building the McCabe Lumber Co. Planing Shed that I would like to order the Slatyfork Sawmill as well. Enclosed is a check..." - Richard Robinson, Big Bend, WI

"I absolutely love your kits!" - Jon Parks, Glen Allen, VA

"We have a serious problem here - that may have an impact on any future purchases...

The instructions are too clear - way too well presented and way too easy to follow in the step-by-step format. You even went so far as to individually number each part and actually refer to it in the directions.
         The quality of cut and detail achieved with the laser is far beyond any other kit I have purchased by other manufacturers. You even etched 'staggering' planks on the wall material. I was surprised to find a small chair ready to assemble for the porch.

So here is the situation. I am faxing (another order). I want to make sure I am on your mailing list. With great excitement and enthusiasm, I'm hooked!" - Tony DiOrio, West Milford, NJ

"Thank you for your prompt shipment of the McCabe Company Office and your catalog. I'm impressed with the quality of your kits. Please ship the following..." - Reed West, Fullerton, CA

"The house cars cars arrived and they are really beautiful - thanks for making such a great kit." - Jim Wilke, Los Angeles, CA ]

"First, I would like to say how much pleasure I am having building your models. The directions were easy to follow and the model I am presently working on (the Log Dump) has presented several ideas for modifying the appearance to fit in better with my layout plans. Thanks again for a great model to build..." - John Tullis, Edmonds, WA

"I had absolutely no problems building it (the Cabin Creek Coal Tipple) as the kit and the plans are extremely well done." - Doug Wright, Boulder, CO

"It's the first laser-cut kit (Greeley's Place) I have done and I just wanted to let you know what a pleasure it was to assemble, and how delightful it looks on the layout." - Des Norman, Perth, Scotland

"... every item I've either purchased or seen from B.T.S. was of the highest quality. We are lucky to have such great products and super people in S scale." - Roger Huber, TX

"Am in receipt of two beautiful #12's (On3 2-8-2 Locos). Wow, was it worth the wait... . My hat is off to you and your people. The thing I most like about B.T.S. is that no matter whoever it is or how busy you might be, you think of each modeler and their thoughts as important." - Jim Mersereau, East Orleans, MA

Here is the place to show off some of your work. Send us a photo of your most-recently completed B.T.S. kit. Mail a slide or print, e-mail a jpg. Tell us about the scene you made, any special modifications you did, and about how long it took to build. We want you to tell us about the things you liked about the kit, and also the things you didn't!

Below are links to some of the photos we have received.

Roy James' Coon Gap Sawmill
Shawn Lyons' Watt Moreland Waxworks
Paul McRoy's Coon Gap Sawmill
Bill Grady's Hyde Pulp Mill
Chic Hartert's Coon Gap Sawmill in S Scale
Pete Bittrolf's Best Auto Garage

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