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Ordering Information

Many of our products are available from your local hobby shop, and we hope you support them!

And all of our products are available direct to your door!

We accept orders via:

Phone - 304-823-3729      10:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST    Mon-Fri
Fax     - 304-823-2901     24-hour Access
E-mail - 24-Hour Access
U.S. Mail - 1782 Trinity Rd, Belington, WV 26250-7621 USA


Checks/Money Orders - US Orders Only - Please make these payable to B.T.S.
Credit Card - We accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Note - B.T.S. will appear on your credit card statement; not Master Creations!!!
Lay-A-Way - Not offered. We let the credit card companies handle multiple payments.


U.S.A. - Add $5.00 per order. Shipments are sent via U.S. Mail.
Canada & Mexico - Actual postage will be charged after shipping. Shipments will be via Priority Mail.
Overseas - Actual postage will be charged after shipping. Shipments will be via Priority Mail.

All requests for special services, such as 2 & 3-day delivery, UPS, or FedEx will be billed the actual amount of the shipping charge.

Normal turn around time for an order of stock items is 48-hours. Limited edition kits do take longer and are shipped in date-of-order sequence. Payment in full via check, money order, or credit card is required at the time of order. We are taking steps to greatly reduce the delivery time on these kits.


The actual amounts will be listed on the customs paperwork we are required by law to complete. Please do not ask us to falsify these documents. If there are specific codes we can use to help reduce the financial impact you face, please let us know at the time of the order.


A reservation for a limited-edition products is not needed due to the shortened delivery times. Payment in full via check, money order, or credit card is required at the time of order.


The quantities on the limited edition kits will vary depending upon what we determine is the appeal of the model. If it is something that most modelers could use, the quantity produced may be 1,000 or greater. If a kit has limited appeal, as in the case with the Donovanís Transfer Company where not everyone has a shoreline on their layout, the quantity made will be reduced, usually to only a few hundred. Quantities on some kits may not be pre-announced and production can stop at any time without any notice.

Standing Orders:

There has been much confusion on this one, so the Standing Order option has been eliminated. It was originally designed by the previous owners of M-C as a way to insure that a dedicated collector got every Silver Edition kit that was released. That sounds simple enough, but after a while some folks wanted to pick and choose between kits, or get a Silver on one then select a Standard on others, etc. This simple option quickly became another paperwork nightmare!
        With the new shortened delivery times on limited edition kits, you will need to send in your order and payment shortly after receiving the mailed announcements or seeing it here on the Internet.


All returns must occur within 30 days of purchase and must be authorized by B.T.S. All products must be in their original boxes, and packed carefully in the same manner as received. Packing peanuts must be used around the kit for protection. Padded envelopes ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE! We don't send your kits out in them, so don't use them to send something to us. You pay shipping for returns.

There is a 10% restocking fee on unopened kits and a 20% restocking fee on opened kits.

NOTICE - If you start building the kit, you own it forever!! It cannot be returned.

Damaged Shipments: If a shipment is received in a damaged condition, please retain all packing materials and contact us for instructions. Failure to follow these two steps can result in a loss for you.

Returned Checks: You will be required to pay a $30.00 NSF Fee.

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