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Warning about
Early Master Creations' Kits

There is nothing wrong
with the early Master Creations' kits!

However, we have become aware of a problem on the second-hand market. The problem is confusion between the standard kit and the Silver Edition version which features sound.

All the early Master Creations' limited-edition kits used the same box for both the Silver Edition and the standard kits. Usually on the side of the box was a list of features that included 'Digitized Sound' with the comment 'SE Kits Only' right next to it or under it. On the end of the box, you can find the kit number, but no reference to whether the sound system was included.

So unless you opened the box - which would create panic in the eyes of a collector - or knew what the special SE indicator was, you cannot easily tell if you have a rare standard edition kit or one of the really rare Silver Editions.

What is the special sound indicator on the box? Usually on the top of the box, near the bottom of the main photograph, you will find a metallic label glued in place which states that this is a 'Silver Edition' kit.

And this same metallic label was used to indicate the scale since several of the early kits were made in HO, S and O and sold using the same box, which, to confuse things more, often had 'HO/HOn3' printed on the end!

Newer Master Creations' kits now incorporate the indicator as part of the serial number. For example, the Hyde Pulp Mill was kit #95, it was offered in both lighted and Silver versions, and a total of 400 kits were produced. A standard Hyde kit would be numbered '95-L-300' where 'L' indicates a 'lighted' kit, and '300' is the actual kit number. The same kit as a Silver Edition would be '95-SE-300.' This number is part of the label on the end of the box.

Knowing what to ask and what to look for can save you in the long run.

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