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Cabin Creek Coal Tipple
Kit #105

Background courtesy of Thurmond, WV - HO Model Shown

Coal! Black Diamonds!
The power of the industrial revolution!

This fossil fuel has been an important element in the developments of the 19th and 20th centuries. From providing the heat to generate steam for industries, ships, and locomotives, to being a wonderful source of extracts for use in fabrics and medicines, coal does it all.

Since coal is not found everywhere, there must be an economical means of transportation. Railroads answered that need. And to provide short-term storage and to facilitate the easy loading of the rail cars, the tipple was developed. In addition, the tipple was a place for sorting coal into different sizes. Each track was provided with a different size coal.

The name 'tipple' is derived from the time when men would push carts full of coal to the bunker and tip them over for dumping. Wood was used as the building material of choice until some time in the late 1920's when metal framing became faster to build and cheaper to use. Wood tipples lasted into the 1950's in some areas.

The Cabin Creek Coal Tipple is a composite of several different tipples located in West Virginia and Pennsylvania. Three tracks are serviced here. A power house, the place where a small steam engine generates electricity to run the machinery of the tipple, is provided as is a small storage shed. From the back of the conveyor house at the top, a conveyor runs up the mountain side to the drift mine.

As with all our kits, the Cabin Creek Coal Tipple is laser cut and engineered for easy construction. Slots and tabs eliminate alignment problems. Adhesive-backed window sashes make glazing the windows a snap, and the adhesive-backed shingles make roofing application a breeze. Other features include positionable doors and window sashes, and positionable coal chutes. Naturally, an ample supply of brass and white metal castings are included to provide the ultimate level of detail.

Here are more detailed photos of the almost-finished model... seems there is always something else to do!

#08105-L Cabin Creek Coal Tipple, S Scale $429.95


  Please remember this model does not show all the details! There are additional details to add, all the castings to place in the proper location, signs, birds, etc. to be glued in place. Visit our detailed photos of the almost-finished model.

Everything you see here, except for the track and ground cover, is in the box.

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