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This rail/truck industry will be one of the focal points of your layout. While it is a freelanced structure based upon a tomato packing plant, the design is similar to many older buildings still standing. As for its use, well, that is up to you; Elliott can supply just about anything from feed & seed to housing contractor needs. Before the days of Home Depot and Builder’s Square, these supply houses received railcars loaded with goods ranging from lumber to door knobs, and then sold smaller lots to the local builders. It can also be used for light industry or rail-truck transfers.

This industry has two freight doors on each side, and a fifth on the end. Since four optional skylights are featured on the roof, you may wish to detail the interior. The HO model is shown, but the S & O version building is identical. Detail castings will vary between scales.

HO and O scale kits are in stock. S scale kits are special order.

  • Laser-cut Basswood, Cardstock and Plywood
  • Tabbed, Easy Construction
  • Loads of Brass & White Metal Detail Castings
  • Laser-Cut, Self-Sticking Shingles
  • Laser-Cut, Self-Sticking Window Sashes
  • Laser-Etched Nail Holes
  • Clear, Easy-to-Follow Instructions
  • Interior Office Walls Provided
  • Storage Shed Included
  • Positionable Doors and Windows
  • The building has a 40’ x 60’ Footprint
  • Limited Edition in all scales!

Elliott & Sons Supply

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HO Scale

S Scale

O Scale












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